ABHA - Ayushman Bharat Health Account

ABHA number is a 14 digit number that will uniquely identify you as a participant in India’s digital healthcare ecosystem. ABHA number will establish a strong and trustable identity for you that will be accepted by healthcare providers and payers across the country.

ABHA Number

It is important to standardize the process of identification of an individual across healthcare providers. This is the only way to ensure that the created medical records are issued to the correct individual or accessed by Health Information User through appropriate consent. In order to issue the UHID, the system must collect certain basic details including demographic and location, family/relationship, and contact details. Ability to update contact information easily is the key. The ABHA number will be used for the purposes of uniquely identifying persons, authenticating them, and threading their health records (only with the informed consent of the patient) across multiple systems and stakeholders.

Building Blocks of ABDM

How to create ABHA Card or Health ID Card?

Individuals can create their ABHA in 3 easy steps:

  • 1 Enter the Aadhar number and verify it with OTP
  • 2Choose ABHA address and Confirm & your ABHA card has been created
  • 3Provide consent for PHR app & your account is ready to receive & store health records

Your ABHA is created and stored in the Health Hub India App for your future reference.

What are the benefits of ABHA Health Card?

Creating ABHA is the first step towards creating safer and efficient digital health records for you and your family. It provides you with:
Digital Health Records

Access all your health information in digital format.

Consent based access

Information is shared only with your consent and can be managed and revoked by you if required.

Secure Data

Records are maintained adhering to the strict health records standards.

Unified Benefits

Link all healthcare benefits ranging from public health programmes to insurance schemes to your unique ABHA number

Unique & Trustable Identity

Establish unique identity across different healthcare providers within the healthcare ecosystem

Easy PHR Sign Up

Seamless sign up for PHR (Personal Health Records) applications such as ABDM ABHA application for Health data sharing.