Cancellation and Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction remains our primary objective; thus, we leave no stone unturned when providing the expected services to our customers. We certify you a full refund of your money if our services fail to please or satisfy you or in cases, there remains some malfunction from our end. However, the refund demands genuine explanations and a thorough investigative procedure.

Customers have the complete authority to cancel a booking if the lab partners' services do not fulfill their expectations. However, the cancellation will be approved if it happens before the test and the sample collection procedures. In case the test has already been conducted, you will not receive any refund of the money. At Health Hub India, we work to ensure that you receive assistance and coordination in the labs, but in case you have some complaint to register against any lab partner, feel free to reach out to the concerned person on

We work with utmost integrity, which involves providing the right information about MRP, discounts, and the like. However, if we fail to acknowledge you with the correct information from our end, you can cancel the booking. If the order has been made directly from our website, you can receive the full refund.

If you still wish to continue with the booking, you will receive a compensation of 10% from our side. You need to produce the lab payment receipt for the claims.

Our cancellation and refund policies have been listed below:

Cancellation Policy

The customer is eligible for 100% refund:

1. If the booking is cancelled at any time after the transaction and before the beginning of the lab tests.
2. If the customer has done multiple bookings due to system error.
3. If the customer has opted for a home visit in health packages, in such case, the cancellation must occur before the technician’s visit to patient’s home.

The customer is eligible for 100% refund only if the booking has been done from Company’s official website/platform and no third party is involved..

Further where the tests have been carried out partially from the booking, the amount will be refunded to the particular extent only. 100% amount will not be refunded in such cases.

In case, the customer has opted for a home visit in health packages and cancels the booking after the technician’s visit to patient’s home, only home visit charges will be levied as per the existing policy.
Except for the cases mentioned above, the refund policies of our lab partner shall be .

Additionally, customers who desire to choose an alternative available date may reschedule their confirmed appointments to a future date rather than cancelling and incurring cancellation fees.

*GST and processing fees at applicable rates will be charged on these cancellation fees.

Refund Policy

Approved refunds are handled within 7 working days; however, the Company is not
responsible for any delays in processing the refund amount caused by the processing bank.

Health Hub India will issue the refund to the card through the booking has been carried out by the customer.
The payment refund will also be made to the account from where the charge was deducted during the payment gateway.

Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

Requests for refund must include the name of the customer and transaction number. Details to be sent to

The Company reserves the right to change all of our cancellations or refund policies at any time and without notice. In the event of any disagreement, the Company’s decision shall be final and binding.